Jai Simha Review and Rating

Sankranthi means Balayya movies for the Nandamuri fans. Because Balakrishna’s films in Sankranthi are blockbuster hits. That is why all the fans believe Sankranti sentiment. Last year, Balayya came with Sathakarni and got a graceful hit. Now Jai Simha has come up. The film is directed by KS Ravikumar and Nayanatara, Natasha Doshi and Haripriya heroines. The movie is produced by C Kalyan. This movie released between the massive expectations, whether balayya hits the box office with his bang or not. Let’s see in the Review.


Narasimha (Balakrishna) takes his child and goes to Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu. There he grows in contact with the chief of the temple (Muralimohan) and joins as a driver at home. In this background, Narasimha takes initiative in the confrontation with the temple archers and police. So SP raises the rage on Narasimha. SP sees Narasimha in a murder case. At the same time, Gauri comes from Vizag to find her baby .. What will happen next? Who’s Gowri? Why does Narasimha come to the Kumbakonam by taking the baby?


* Balakrishna acting

* Dialogues

* Climax


* Screen Play

* Second Half

* Music

* Brahmanandam comedy

Performances of Actors:

* First of all we have to talk about the performance done by Balayya even at the age of 50+. His dance and dialogue delivery is the biggest thing for the film.

* Nayantara appeared in the same way as the previous films as a very traditional girl. Natasha Doshi proved glamorous. Haripriya appeared in the role of a mugger as a riot.

* After several days Brahmanandam appeared on the screen, the director failed to use him. Stretching does not seem to be a comedy but frustrating the audience.

* Prakash Raj impressed with the sentiment.

* Murali Mohan, Jaya Prakash Reddy etc. Actors are impressed by their acting.