Agnathavasi review

Agnyathavasi, The hattrick movie of the Trivikram and the Power star Pawan Kalyan. As this is also Pawan Kalyan’s 25th movie the craze of the movie has gone over high expectations. And people are waiting for this movie from so many days. Lets see what is the result that this math teacher has given to our PK.


Govind Bhargav/Vinda is a famous pharma Businessman and own AB group. Some vintage people who has an eye on his property kills Vinda and his son brutally. Then Indraani, wife of Vinda takes the charge. In another side Balu enters into scene and joins in AB group as personal manager and tries to solve the mystery. Then the story turns up and go crazy when we know about the Abhishikth Bhargav. Who is Balu and Who is Abhishikth Bhargav? Why they want to catch the persons who killed vinda and his son is the story. Just go for the movie and get your plan B.


Pawan Kalyan
Kusbhu Acting
Kodaka Koteshwararao Song
Interval Scene


Anirudh Music
No comedy timing
Story and Narration style

Lets we go into the film and talk something about the film.

Simply the movie is just an average with story and narration is very weak. As we go with comedy that is not upto the mark as old Trivikram comedy punches. Some dialogues and Action parts are very powerful but those are not carried for the whole movie.

The movie is disappointed with this high expectations. So This Agnathavas became just Abhimanulavasi.